Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Hope Of Spring

Moose reminded me that the "hope of spring will see us through the winter." He was coming up with sermon titles for weird is that.
I was complaining that we have already received 5 inches of snow in NE. I know some of you like snow. I do not. I really don't like it at all - unless I am playing in it. In NE - you don't play in the snow unless you are a football player.
Our snow is way to cold and way to wet to play in.
So Moose reminded me that we are getting closer to "Platte" season. Which means one thing. CRANES.
This is a shot from a blind that I share with Moose last year. I chose this shot because it shows up just a little bit of the amount of birds that we saw.
Can't wait for spring.


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