Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Storm

This storm rolled through Omaha last week. Crazy amount of wind and rain followed by amazing beauty. We were at our church with about 100 little kids at a soccer and cheer camp.

They were all inside when the 70 mile an hour winds hit.

The kids did not care - but the adults - they were a little freaked out. The tornado sirens where going off. No tornado - they turned on the sirens because of the strong winds.

The flash in the middle of the pic - lightning.

I tried to time the lightning strikes - they seem to be happening every 5-10 seconds. So I counted and held the shutter down.

Nikon d90
Tokina 12-24


Patrick said...

Mammatus clouds are pretty cool. Nice shot.

Mark said...

Thanks Pat - love those clouds.

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