Monday, December 13, 2010

Beautiful Nebraska

"Beautiful Nebraska peaceful prairie land..."
This is a picture I recently took from Allwine Prairie. Once again I was the only one there. But with good reason. 20 degrees at best and a 20 mile an hour wind. Ouch. I was suffering for my art.
I really love the prairie this time of year. The golden tall grass, and deep blue sky really is very romantic...if you can stand the cold.
Nikon d90
Tokina 12-24


Dave Rowe said...

Very striking photo. Any post work on this? Those colors are almost too vivid to be real!!

Mark said...

Thanks Dave - and a little post work done - Think it took all of a minute. I really don't do much in post. Mostly because I am old school - meaning - i don't know how.

You live here - you know how beautiful it is.

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