Monday, December 6, 2010

Great Blue Heron

Last weekend I went to Squaw Creek NWR. It is less than 2 hours from Omaha.
According to the report there was over 100,000 snow geese. I could not validate that number but there was a lot of them.
With 100,000 snow geese comes lots of eagles. They follow them south looking for a meal.
While I was there I spotted a Great Blue. I really love these birds. First of all they are very big. Very prehistoric - perhaps why I love the Sandhill Cranes as well. Second they like to fish, and so do I.
This guy looked like he was fishing. Though if you look closely he is walking on the ice. He was spooked by a bus load of very loud grade school children so neither one of us were very happy.
Nikon d90
Nikon 300 f4
Nikon TC - 1.4


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