Monday, December 27, 2010

Help - Portrait

Recently our photo club participated in Help-Portrait Day. If you are unfamiliar with Help-Portrait you really need to check it out. Go to there website @
When I started our club at our church one of our goals was to give back to our community. I was sharing my idea with a local photographer who said - you have to check out help-portrait. So I did.
We were not able to do our shoot on the day when everyone else was doing it - the organization could only make it happen on a Monday night. SO that is when we went.
Basically Help-Portrait encourages photographers to use their gifts and talents to make great portraits for people who might not be able to afford to get one done - or who can't get out to have a picture taken.
We worked with a great organization here in Omaha called - Restored Hope. They are helping women and their families here in our city.
This picture is of Brooke. She is a great photographer - she is showing one the young guys his picture. He was an awesome young man. Ton of personality. He loved getting his picture taken.

Anyway - I was there just to help. I stayed out of the way mostly. It was super fun.

Nikon d90
Nikon 50mm 1.4


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