Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swan Lake

I went out riding my Triumph last night - and happened to see this swan in this little pond about 12 miles from my home. Of course I do not have my camera with me because I am on my bike. So I head home to get it.

Fortunately he was still there when I got back. There was also three guys trying to shoot carp with a bow and arrow, so the swan was now a little shy.

They left and the swan came back in view.

This time it did not matter a whole lot (except for 28 mile round trip) but tonight on the way home from dinner I spotted a fox sunning itself on the edge of some woods. I was only a mile from home. So off I went to get my camera. Came back and it was gone. Always keep your camera with you.

Lesson learned.

Nikon d7000
Nikon 70-200


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