Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sandhill Crane Sunset

Just booked a night in the photo blind at Rowe!!
This is what you might see. I have been doing this for so many years now the lady knows who I am when I call.
It is something that I look forward to every spring here in NE. If you want to see the greatest wildlife migration in North America - come to NE in March - April.
Contact the folks at Rowe Sanctuary. You will not regret it.
Just a warning - the photo blinds are not for everyone.
You are in a box 4' tall - 6 ' wide and 8' long. No heat. No toilet. Not a single luxury. But where else can you spend the night with 10,000 sandhill cranes. No where!
Nikon d90
Nikon 300 f4


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