Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cranes II

We did get to be pretty close to the Cranes this year while they were in the fields. Not sure why - my guess is just dumb luck.

But you still have to be ready.

You do not - and I repeat - do not get, out of your car and expect the cranes to stick around.They do not like you.

They are hunted by people in every state but NE.

I do not know if Sandhill Cranes taste good. I have never seen Cranes offered as a dinner special anywhere. Needless to say - these guys are hunted and they do not like it.

They kind of tolerate you in your car - but it does not take long for them to walk away from you - and there is nothing like a good butt shot of a crane - believe me - I have tons of them.

So stay in your - have your camera in your lap - and be ready to shoot when you pull over.

Nikon d7000

Nikon 300 f4

Nikon TC 1.4


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